Monday, February 13, 2017

Senate Education and Health Committee 2/9

Del. Bell's discipline bills, HB1534 and HB1536 were conformed to Senator Stanley's SB885 and SB997, as those bills came out of the Senate, which you can read about here.  The Committee reported both bills on a 12-3 vote.
HB1552 (Bulova) will require each school board to post its website a notice to high school students and parents of the opportunities available to obtain a nationally recognized career readiness certification at al local public high school, comprehensive community college or workforce center. The bill was reported on a 15-0 vote.
HB1578 (R.B. Bell) will require the Virginia High School League to allow home schooled students to participate in interscholastic sports and programs. The bill was reported on a 9-6 vote.
HB1770 (Freitas) would allow a school board or superintendent to waive certain requirements for licensure in the area of career and technical education. The bill was reported on a 15-0 vote.
HB1924 (Bagby) directs the Board of Education to establish guidelines for alternatives to short-term and long-term suspension for consideration by local school boards. The bill was reported on a 13-2 vote.
HB1983 (Greason) the bill would have made local school boards responsible for setting the school calendar and determining the opening day of the school year and eliminates the post-Labor Day opening requirement and "good cause" scenarios for which the Board of Education may grant waivers of this requirement. The bill was passed by indefinitely on a 9-6 vote.
HB2007 (R.B. Bell) requires each school board to permit any student who receives home instruction and resides in the local school division to apply for enrollment as a part-time student of the local school division in any dual enrollment course offered pursuant to an agreement for postsecondary degree attainment at a public high school in the local school division or at the comprehensive community college. The bill specifies that no such student shall be required to pay more in tuition or fees than the tuition or fees paid by public school students to enroll in such course. The bill was reported and referred to Senate Finance on a 8-7 vote.
HB2014  (Keam) would change the BOE's biennial review of the SOQ from even-numbered years to odd-numbered years.  This was recommended by the BOE to align with the budget cycle. The bill was reported on a 15-0 vote.
HB2140 (LeMunyon) directs VDOE to develop a pilot program to administer an exit questionnaire for teachers who leave the profession. The bill was reported on a 15-0 vote.
HB2141 (LeMunyon) requires BOE to report on the need to retain or maintain the frequency of reports that local school divisions are required to submit. The bill was reported on a 15-0 vote.
HB2257 (Filler-Corn) was amended to permit, but not require, high school family life education curriculum incorporate age-appropriate elements of effective and evidence-based programs on the law and meaning of consent. The bill reported on a 13-2 vote.
 HB2282 (Leftwich) was amended to require BOE to develop guidelines for training school counselors, school nurses, and other relevant school staff on the prevention of trafficking of children.The bill was reported 15-0.
HB2290 (Ward) will require that driver's education include instruction concerning traffic stops, including law-enforcement procedures for traffic stops, appropriate actions to be taken by drivers during traffic stops, and appropriate interactions with law-enforcement officers who initiate traffic stops.  The bill was reported with amendments 15-0.
HB2332 (Tyler) states that it is a goal of the Commonwealth for teacher salaries to be competitive with the national average teacher salary. The bill was reported 15-0.
HB2355 (Pogge) would require school boards to (i) make Advanced Placement (AP), Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT), and PreACT examinations available to students receiving home instruction, (ii) adopt written policies that specify the date by which such students shall register to participate in such examinations, and (iii) notify such students and their parents of such registration deadline and the availability of financial assistance to low-income and needy students to take such examinations. The bill was reported 15-0.
HB2431 (Bulova) permits a school board to have a retail fee-based electric vehicle charging stations on school property.  The charging station must be limited to school board employees, students, and authorized visitors. The bill was reported 14-1.
HB2432 (Bulova) requires BOE to make changes to its regulations regarding license revocation.  The bill will require that a superintendent investigate all complaints "immediately," that the school board hold a hearing on a petition for revocation within 90 days, and that the school board provide a copy of its investigative file to the Superintendent of Public Instruction before the hearing is held. The bill reported 15-0.