Thursday, February 16, 2017

House Education & House Education Elementary & Secondary Education Subcommittee

House Education 

SB1159 (Reeves) provides that the career and technical education credential, when required for high school graduation, adult education, or an alternative education plan, may be satisfied with the successful completion of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). The bill was reported from the committee 22-0. 

SB1098 (Newman) requires that the regulations establishing standards for accreditation adopted by the Board of Education ensure that the accreditation process is transparent and based on objective measurements and that any appeal of the accreditation status of a school is heard and decided by the Board. The bill was reported from the committee 21-1. 

House Education Elementary & Secondary Education Subcommittee 

SB1117 (McPike) requires every person seeking initial licensure or renewal of a license with an endorsement as a school counselor to complete training in the recognition of mental health disorder and behavioral distress, including depression, trauma, violence, youth suicide, and substance abuse. The subcommittee recommend reporting. 

SB1359 (McPike) requires school boards to develop and implement a plan to test for lead and, if necessary, remediate potable water in school buildings. The subcommittee recommended reporting 7-1. 

SB1082 (Wexton) eliminates the requirement that school principals report misdemeanor offenses to law enforcement. Under this bill, principals must still report conduct that may constitute a felony to law enforcement and they may report misdemeanor offenses. The subcommittee failed to recommend reporting 3-5. 

SB1475 (McClellan) regarding family life education curriculum was amended and recommended for reporting 8-0. 

SB951 (Ruff) which requires school service providers to provide each student's parent with access to a downloadable electronic copy of any student personal information pertaining to such student that has been collected, maintained, used, or shared by the school service provider. The bill permits such electronic copy to be in a machine-readable format. The subcommittee recommended reporting 8-0.