Monday, January 21, 2013

Report from the House Education Committee

Today a number of bills sailed out of the House Education Committee. 

HB2151 (Bell), known as the Teacher Fairness bill, was reported on a vote of 16-0.  Delegate Cox's HB2083, creating the Strategic Compensation Grant Initiative Fund, was reported and referred to Appropriations on at 140 vote and his HB2084, which would allow the Teach for America program to operate in Virginia, reported 14-0.

HB1468 (Greason) which adds employees of local governing bodies and local health departments to the list of individuals who may possess and administer epinephrine, was reported 17-0.

HB1388 (Habeeb), which changes the date by which assistant principals, principals, and supervisors must be notified of reassignment from April 15 to June 15, was reported 16-0.

Delegate Pogge's HB1420, which requires the Board of Education to define the term "intervener," was reported and referred to Appropriations 17-0.

HB2101 (Ramadan), which requires BOE to develop guidelines for High School to Work Partnerships was reported 14-0.

Delegate Stolle's HB2076, which exempts local school board's from the requirement that charter school applications be submitted to the Board of Education for review, was reported 14-0.

HB2094 (Watson), which creates the Virginia Longitudinal Data System, was reported and referred to Appropriations on a vote of 13-0.

The only K-12 bill that did not make it out of Committee today was Delegate Bell's HB1406, which would require school boards to either screen students for eating disorders or to provide information to parents on eating disorders  The bill was sent back to subcommittee.  Members of the Committee showed interest in amending the bill to delete references to screenings and to simply require school boards to provide information.