Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ALERT - Urge Your Senator to Vote NO on SJ327


We need you to contact your Senator today to urge him or her to vote AGAINST SJ327 (McDougle).  SJ327 is a constitutional amendment that would allow for state takeover of public schools that are denied accreditation.  The constitutional amendment does not set forth specifics for such a state takeover, thus giving the General Assembly broad authority to devise a state takeover in future years.  Most importantly, the constitutional amendment would allow the state to take not only the state share of per pupil funding  but to also take the local share of per pupil funding for each student in a school that is taken over.  In other words, this constitutional amendment would force localities to send local dollars to a state-run entity without any control over what the state does with those local dollars. 

Urge your Senator to vote NO on SJ327.