Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Two Virtual Charter School Bills Stricken and Other News from the GA

Two of the three virtual charter school bills (HB1680 and HB2313) introduced in the House as of today were stricken from the docket at the request of the patron, Delegate Dickie Bell.  We appreciate Delegate Bell’s willingness to listen and be responsive to our concerns with these bills.
Also of note today, the House Committee on Education voted to report Delegate Bell’s HB1885 which deletes references in the Code of Virginia to educational programs that either were never funded or do not exist and to bring other sections of the Code into sync with current practices.  Among those changes are changing references to “electronic classroom” in the Code to “Virtual Virginia” and also allowing school divisions to post proposed and approved budgets on their Web sites rather than in hard-copy, except upon request.   
Lastly, VSBA, PTA, VEA, VASS, VML and VACO held a joint press conference today to decry the lack of any mention of K-12 education in the Governor’s State of the Commonwealth address and the fact that K-12 education is not a priority for the Governor.  VSBA was ably represented at the press conference by our president, Jeff Bain, who made it clear that the association is opposed to the voucher legislation and the so-called pay for performance plan supported by the Governor.