Tuesday, January 31, 2017

House Education Committee - Education Innovation Subcommittee

The Education Innovation Subcommittee met this morning and considered the following bills:

HB1829 (Dudenhefer) requires hands-on CPR training for teacher licensure and recertification.  The subcommittee recommended reporting.

HB1981 (Greason) requires BOE to promulgate regulations for the designation of School Divisions of Innovation in the local school divisions.  A School Division of Innovation would be an opportunity for a school division to innovate and be exempted from certain regulatory requirements.  The subcommittee recommended reporting.

HB2141 (LeMunyon) requires BOE to report on the need to retain or maintain the frequency of reports that local school divisions are required to submit.  The subcommittee recommended reporting.

HB2142 (LeMunyon) originally delayed the implementation of the redesigned high school graduation requirements by one year.  The bill was amended substantially to now alter the graduation requirements but not extend the deadline for implementation.  The subcommittee recommended reporting. 

HB2218 (Miyares) was amended to authorize BOE to notify the local school board if the school board denies a charter school application and BOE finds the school board's rationale for such denial to be insufficient.  The subcommittee recommended reporting.

HB2232 (Tyler) states that it is a goal of the Commonwealth for teacher salaries to be competitive.  The subcommittee recommended reporting.

HB2342 (Landes) was amended with a substitute.  The substitute would allow the BOE to establish regional charter school divisions, consisting of up to 3 underlying local school divisions that each have an enrollment of 3000 students and that each have one or more schools that have been denied accreditation for two of the last three years.  The regional charter school division would be governed by a separate board of eight members appointed by BOE and one member appointed from each underlying locality (not school board).  The regional charter school would get the per pupil state funding associated with the jurisdiction in which each student resides.  The regional charter school would not be entitled to receive any local share for such students.  The subcommittee recommended that the bill be reported and referred to Appropriations.

HB2352 (Freitas) allows a teacher licensed in another jurisdiction to be exempt from certain assessments that are required for licensure, subject to the approval of the superintendent or school board employing such teacher.  The subcommittee recommended reporting.

HB2431 (Bulova) permits a school board have a retail fee-based electric vehicle charging stations on school property.  The charging station must be limited to school board employees, students, and authorized visitors.  The subcommittee recommended reporting.

HB2432 (Bulova) requires BOE to make changes to its regulations regarding license revocation.  The bill will require that a superintendent investigate all complaints "immediately," that the school board hold a hearing on a petition for revocation within 90 days, and that the school board provide a copy of its investigative file to the Superintendent of Public Instruction before the hearing is held.  The subcommittee recommended reporting.

HB1807 (J.J. Bell) would have reinstated the fact finding panel as an option for teacher grievances.  It would also have removed the deadline for conducting grievance hearings which would have resulting in the grievance process being subject to delays.  The bill failed to report.

HB1949 (Peace) regarding initial license fee waivers was tabled. 

HB2434 (Rasoul) would have created a pilot program for "community schools."  The bill failed to report.