Monday, November 14, 2016

Reminder: November is "VSBA Take Your Legislator to School" Month

During the month of November, we urge each school division in the state to invite at least one of their state legislators to visit their schools this month. There are many benefits from participating in “VSBA Take Your Legislator to School” Month, including developing closer relationships between school divisions, local communities and our elected officials, and creating opportunities for productive dialogue so that educational and political leaders can work together to ensure that we provide the best possible education for our students.

VSBA encourages school divisions to choose an area of focus for your legislative visits. For example, you may decide to focus on workforce readiness or CTE programs at your schools. This will allow you to emphasize certain aspects and programs in the division that you are most proud of or wish to highlight. Also, don’t forget to share some the challenges your school division is facing. Use this time to build a relationship, have an open dialogue, and share your personal stories about public education and your school division.

You can find the TYLTSM Guide on the VSBA website, which includes quick tips/suggestions, a sample invitation letter, a sample press release, and a proclamation from the VSBA Board of Directors. During the last few weeks of November, we ask that you please share photos of your legislative visits on social media and with VSBA so that we can use them in future publications.

Thank you for your continued commitment and hard work as leaders, advocates, and supporters of public education.