Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Statewide Virtual School update

For many years VSBA has been opposing bills that would create a statewide virtual school with its own board. This morning, the Senate Finance Committee heard HB324 sponsored by Delegate Bell that again creates a statewide virtual school and board to oversee the school.  We are pleased to report that the Senate Finance Committee was still of the opinion that the bill needed work and was “not ready for prime time.” Consequently, the committee voted to report the bill with a re-enactment clause, which means that the bill will not become law unless and until it goes through the legislative process again next year, passes all of the committee and both Houses, and is signed into law by the governor. In other words, the end result from the Senate Finance Committee was the same as allowing Delegate Bell to file another bill next year. We’re also pleased to report that this version of the bill deletes all references to local funding and requirements placed on school boards. Overall, today’s outcome was not a bad result.

Stay tuned for more updates!