Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SOQ Subcommittee of the House Education Committee

This morning the SOQ subcommittee voted to recommend reporting HB 2494 (Del. Scott).  This bill would allow school boards to request from the Board of Education a waiver from certain state regulations and approval of an Individual School Accreditation Plan.  We, along with VASS, strongly support this bill.   

The SOQ subcommittee also voted to report HB 1554 (Del. Wilt), which delays implementation of certain SOAs for another year.  Before reporting the bill, however, the subcommittee adopted an amendment that provides a carve out for economics and financial literacy.  The bill, as amended, would require school boards to implement the economics and financial literacy curriculum beginning on July 1, 2011.  As we reported here, a similar attempt to amend the identical Senate bill was defeated.  We will continue to oppose the amendment and to support the bill in its original form.